The Best Puppy Toys for 2018


Puppies love toys. But every puppy is different, and what can be the best toy for one puppy might not be good for another.

The best puppy toys will be those which fit your puppies needs, but that are also good quality, long lasting and provide ongoing entertainment.

Your pup may be the most interested in toys for chewing or fetching, or tugging.  So you will need to experiment with new toys, to see which types your pup prefers..


We have taken time to consider all the different types of puppy play and here is a listing of the best puppy toys for 2018.

Best Chew Toys For Puppies Who Are Teething


KONG Puppy Toys


When it comes to chew toys for puppies, you can not go wrong with Kong brand toys.

They have a line of enduring, well manufactured chew toys that are designed specifically for puppies.

They are made of a natural rubber which is not only ideal for teething pups, but it is also  recommended by Veterinarians for

healthy teething.




Puppy KONG Toys  can be used by themselves as chew toys, or filled with kibble or special kong fillers






KONG Puppy Teething Stick is designed to soothe your puppy’s sore gums as he chews while promoting dental hygiene by gently cleaning their teeth.






KONG Small Puppy Goodie Bone  has spaces on both ends to hold treats, which will help to get your puppy interested in chewing the bone and focus his  energy onto it instead of your shoes







The Mavel Rope Bear


The Mavel Rope Bear is designed with teething puppies in mind.

It is covered in gentle layer of lambs wool that is great for your puppy to snuggle up to, but it has inside layers of strong, sturdy, durable material.

Making it ideal for teething pups to chew on.

It’s braided rope ball design also enables you to throw it for your pup, to really get them interested in it as a toy to chase and then chew.









Nylabone Puppy Teething Pacifier



The Nylabone Just For Puppies Teething Ring is shaped like a baby’s teething ring, and is designed to encourage your puppy to chew easily, so that they use the ring and not your furniture!

It has a soft material finish which is kind to your pup’s sore gums.

And the raised bristles promote teeth cleaning and tartar buildup.




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Best Tug Toys For Puppies



KONG Goodie Bone with Rope


An alternative to the traditional knotted rope puppy toy is the  KONG Puppy Goodie Bone.

It consists of the standard KONG Goodie rubber bone chew toy, but with a rope attached.

Your puppy can hold onto one side while you gently play tugging games holding onto the other.

They can choose whether it’s the bone or the rope that they prefer to grip onto.

It comes in a range of sizes, the smallest being suitable even to teacup breed pups

Nylabone Teeth ‘N’ Tug Puppy Chew Toy 



It is made of  a soft rubber with raised ridges for chewing, and the special soft rubber helps alliviate sore puppy gums

The toys design is overly simple but promotes healthy and social play.

You can hold the toy and allow your puppy to gently tug on toy in your hand, or just leave him to entertain himself.





Best Plush Toys For Puppies


Squeaker Palz



Outward Hound Squeaker Pal toys contain 4 invincible squeakers that will continue to work even if pierced.

They can be shaken or squeezed, and they will flap around as your puppy plays with it.

The toys are soft, so your puppy can cuddle him if he prefers and they come in 3 different character designs .






Skinneeez Stuffingless Toys



Ethical Skinneeez toys contain no stuffing so they will last longer than normal plush toys.

The lack of stuffing also makes them light and easy for a puppy to carry around.

They also contain a squeaker will keep your puppy entertained.





Best Fetch Toys For Puppies


KONG Puppy Flyer


The KONG Puppy Flyer is a great fetch toy for puppies.

It is made in a traditional frisbee shape, but comprised of  Kong’s soft puppy rubber formula .

The disc is flexible and fun to throw for your puppy, or for them to run around and play with.



Outward Hound FireHose Squeak N’ Fetch


This fetch toy is double stitched and made from the same material they make fire hoses from so it is perfect for aggressive chewers.

It also contains a squeaker that will keep your puppy engaged.


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