Anthem Demo Provides 100 Coins for Cosmetics, More Earnable In-Game

It’s been a long, long wait with plenty of hype but the VIP access demo for BioWare’s Anthem is nearly here. The demo goes live tomorrow and will last until January 27th. To download the client, head here for more information. The client will work with next week’s free demo as well so it’s a good way to pre-load the […]

Faze Clan misses out on CoD World League, KFC suggests they try Farming Simulator instead

In perhaps the weirdest sentence I’ll write all day, KFC Gaming has taken aim at Faze Clan after the esports organisation’s players failed to qualify for the Call of Duty World League. Not content with poking fun at the organisation, the fried chicken restaurant’s confusing gaming division called out the players individually, before suggesting that they might find more success […]

Slay the Spire Bids Farewell to Early Access, Now Available on PC

Mega Crit Games’ innovative rogue-lite card-battler Slay the Spire has finally left Steam Early Access. It’s now officially launched for PC after over three years in development. The developer thanked fans for their support and released a trailer to celebrate. Check it out below. Slay the Spire is an intriguing title in that players choose a class – Ironclad, The […]

Far Cry 5 – the game about a rural militant cult – is being used to promote Montana tourism

Hope County, Montana is not a real place. But the fictional setting of Far Cry 5 is now part of a tourism promotion with Southwest Montana. Apparently the militant cultists and nuclear apocalypses of the game and its New Dawn spin-off weren’t an issue for the state, which has partnered with Ubisoft to encourage tourists to see Montana for themselves. […]