Rapper 2 Milly Wants To Sue Epic Games Over Fortnite Emote

Rapper 2 Milly wants to “pursue legal action” against Fortnite developer/publisher Epic Games over the inclusion of the “Swipe It” emote. 2 Milly, most famous for the song “Milly Rock,” is the creator of the now-popular Milly Rock dance, a move wherein you swipe your hands back and forth – and which used to be available for purchase in Fortnite as […]

Artifact review in progress – a complex CCG with the Valve touch

Artifact has a ridiculous number of moving pieces. Imagine three Hearthstone boards lined up side by side. You’ve got to aim for victory with specific strategies in each one, yes, but you also have to manage resources across all those lanes. Your most important cards are five heroes which can be deployed to any location, and they keep coming back […]

World End Syndrome Announced in the West; Blazblue Central Fiction Special Edition American Release

Arc System Works announced this Saturday at the Anime NYC event that both BlazBlue Central Fiction Special Edition and World End Syndrome will release in North America in 2019. BlazBlue Central Fiction Special Edition will release for Switch on February 7th in North America, the same date as in Japan. The game’s European publisher, PQube, already announced in October it will […]

H1Z1 Pro League is Shutting Down From Viewership and Failed Payments

The H1Z1 Pro League is shutting down according to ESPN. This comes after dwindling viewers and failed stipend payments to participating teams. Teams including Clou9, Team SoloMid and Echo Fox all have active rosters in the league, despite repeated stipend payment failures. Twin Galaxies Co-Chairmen Jace Hall wrote out to players: “It’s with a heavy heart that a letter has […]

Rapper Plans to Sue Epic Games for Fortnite’s “Swipe It” Emote

A rapper from Brooklyn named “2 Milly” is planning to file a lawsuit against Fortnite developer Epic Games for allegedly stealing his choreography for an emote in-game that players can purchase. Apparently, the rapper’s signature move – titled the “Milly Rock” – had been circulating the internet for a while before Epic Games used it as a basis for their “Swipe […]

PUBG Ends ‘Fix PUBG’ Campaign, Shifting Focus For Next Year

Back in August PUBG began its “Fix PUBG,” campaign, focused on improving the overall quality of game’s matchmaking, server performance, anti-cheat detection and player bans, and more. As of yesterday, the campaign is over. In a post on PUBG’s steam community page, executive producer Taeseok Jang outlined the results of the campaign. On the client performance front, the team saw […]

Crossplay, Unified Progression Coming To Paladins, Realm Royale, And Smite Next Year

With the recent news that Smite is coming to Switch next year, developer/publisher Hi-Rez Studios is doubling down on letting players play their games anywhere by announcing cross-platform play and progression is coming to Paladins, Realm Royale, and Smite. Realm Royale, which has yet to fully release, will have it from the outset. Meanwhile, Paladins and Smite will receive an update […]

Cell And Piccolo Coming To Jump Force

Jump force’s representation of Dragon Ball and Green people looks to expand with the addition of Cell and Piccolo, two of the series’ most popular characters. The news comes from Japanese video game magazine V-Jump, which announced the characters in its latest issue. We’ll likely have to wait a little while before seeing them in action, however, though the next trailer […]