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Flex Your Kingdom Hearts Fandom With This Cloud Bring Arts Figure

Square Enix has revealed a new figure in its Bring Arts line, this time the Kingdom Hearts design for Final Fantasy VII protagonist Cloud.  He has the win, the battered cape, and sword bandages, just like anyone would expect. This new figure is set to release in July 2019, and preorders are live as of today. Like other Bring Arts figures, Cloud […]

Hong Kong Massacre’s PS4 Release Slightly Delayed For America

Indie game Hong Kong Massacre, a stylish new Hotline Miami-like by developer Vreski, came out recently on PC and PlayStation 4. The PC release is available worldwide, while the PlayStation 4 release appears to have only come out in Europe and Australia only. While a PS4 release was scheduled for America at the same time, it seems to be delayed, […]

Super Robot Wars T Gets More Screenshots, New Details From Producer Terada

On this week’s episode of Umasugi Wave, Super Robot Wars‘ radio show, producer Takanobu Terada shared new details on Super Robot Wars T, in regards to the latest monthly stream and the second trailer of the game. Here’s everything he revealed: Everyone, the producers included, said on the latest stream that Saizou Tokitou, the male Original protagonist in Super Robot Wars T, […]

Anthem Will Be Adding The Launch Bay, A Social Space For Up To 16 Players

While Anthem has looked to be a wonderful experience from a lot fo what BioWare has shown of it so far, one of the primary shortcomings it was looking to have for many was the lack of a shared social space for players to hang out in. While it was going to have Tarsis, which would be full of NPCs to […]

Anthem Has Gone Gold

With just a few weeks left to Anthem’s release—we’re already nearing the public demo for the game—it seems like BioWare has wrapped up development on the title. Speaking on Twitter today, Michael Gamble of BioWare confirmed that the game has gone gold. In laymen terms, this means development on the game is complete, and the code for it has been […]

How Does Onimusha: Warlords Hold Up After 18 Years?

Onimusha: Warlords has always been my game that got away. It missed the PlayStation 2’s launch by about five months, but it served as my introduction to Sony’s powerful new console so I always connected it to the system’s early life. I first played it at a friend’s house and was blown away by the opening pre-rendered cutscene, and then […]