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Hong Kong Massacre’s PS4 Release Slightly Delayed For America

Indie game Hong Kong Massacre, a stylish new Hotline Miami-like by developer Vreski, came out recently on PC and PlayStation 4. The PC release is available worldwide, while the PlayStation 4 release appears to have only come out in Europe and Australia only. While a PS4 release was scheduled for America at the same time, it seems to be delayed, […]

10 Tips To Help You Survive And Conquer At The Gates

At The Gates, the new game from the designer of Civilization V, is out today and it’s a great little strategy title. It can also be rather brutal, especially the opening hours, given that there is no real tutorial to speak of outside of a massive help menu or the occasional tip. To help with that onboarding process, here are 10 […]

At The Gates Review – Clawing Your Way To Victory

Publisher: Conifer Games Developer: Conifer Games Release: January 23, 2019 Rating: Not rated Reviewed on: PC Also on: Mac Brutal is an adjective often applied to video games, usually when someone is describing a bloody headshot or tricky combo they’ve pulled off in a fighting game. At The Gates houses a different kind of ferociousness, one that’s slower and more […]

iPod Touch May Be Getting Rebranded Into Gaming Device – Rumor

The portable market currently lies uncontested by any but Nintendo. The PS Vita is going to be meeting its end this year, and only Nintendo, with the Switch and the 3DS (which they insist on keeping around for some reason) currently sell any system to cater to that niche of the gaming market. However, that may be changing soon, and […]

New Gameplay Today – Slay The Spire

Click here to watch embedded media Megacrit’s roguelike deck-building game Slay the Spire has been in Steam Early Access for a while now, but today it’s officially out. Before its release, it built up its own devoted following, which includes our own Dan Tack and Leo Vader. The pair share why it’s so great in this episode of NGT. Slay […]

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Interview – nWay Discusses Console Development, Story, and Cross-Play

While Power Rangers games have never found solid footing on modern consoles, nWay, Hasbro, and Lionsgate are looking to change that sentiment with Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. Having worked with the franchise before on Power Rangers: Legacy Wars for iOS and Android, nWay is looking to transition their love of the brand to a fighting game for PC, […]

Wargroove finally hits PC next week and there’s anime to prove it

January 23, 2019 Wargroove’s release date is set for February 1. Wargroove will at last answer the world’s collective desire for more Advance Wars next week, and we don’t even have to look at an itty-bitty screen to enjoy it. Chucklefish’s turn-based strategy game makes its debut across multiple platforms – including PC – on February 1. There’s even a gorgeous […]

CrossCode Announced for Nintendo Switch, Out in 2019

During the recent Nindies Showcase, Radical Fish Games made a rather shocking announcement. CrossCode, its faux-MMO action RPG, will be heading to the Nintendo Switch.Check out the announcement trailer below and admire the flying Hedgehags. CrossCode takes place in an MMO called CrossWorlds. Players assume the role of Lea, a mysterious Spheromancer who’s trying to recall her memories. Along the […]