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Epic Games Admits That Handling Of Metro: Exodus Epic Game Store Exclusivity Was Poor

The Epic Game Store has become a fixture of the gaming landscapes in just a few months—in large part because of how aggressively Epic has attempted to seat it firmly as a launcher for PC gaming, by soliciting exclusives aggressively. These have included games such as The Division 2 and the upcoming The Outer Worlds—but no exclusive solicited by Epic for […]

Nintendo Has Revealed The 10 Best-Selling Switch Indie Games

Needless to say, the Nintendo Switch has dominated the indie scene, making some of the best of the best indie titles playable on the go. Nintendo has revealed the best-selling Switch indie titles on the platform so far. You can check out the list for yourself down below, please note that the games listed are in no particular order. Stardew […]

GDC 2019: The Women in Gaming Rally 2019 Recap 

Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) is always an exciting time of year for game developers and the week is already picking up steam. On Tuesday afternoon team Xbox hosted the 19th Annual Women in Gaming Rally in partnership with Activision, Facebook Gaming, Ubisoft, Unity, Women in Gaming International, and YouTube. It was an honor to collaborate with so many great companies who are […]

Steam’s new events system shows you what’s happening in games you own

Steam’s rolling out a new events system soon, which will give you a way to track and plan for what’s happening in the games you own. Events will inform you of what’s happening now for the games in your library, and what major things are coming up in the future. The new system is scheduled to hit open beta in […]

DDoS attacks “are going to happen,” according to Valve

Valve says that denial of service (DDoS) attacks are unavoidable for large-scale online games. In a presentation at GDC earlier today, Kassidy Gerber who works within the company’s business development and internet infrastructure departments, says that DDoS attacks “are going to happen.” Given the apparent inevitability of the attacks when it comes to popular online games, Gerber says that developers […]

Cyberpunk 2077 Won’t Be Epic Games Store Exclusive, Developer Says

Epic is gobbling up so many PC games as Epic Game Store exclusives these days, there’s always trepidation that one you may have been looking forward to will go exclusive to their storefront. And what PC game is more anticipated right now that CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2077, their first major game since The Witcher 3 in 2015? So naturally, some […]

Epic Games Store Won’t Allow “Crappy” Titles, Says Epic CEO

The Epic Game Store is currently a counterpoint to Valve’s Steam in almost every way—one of the primary ways in which it differs is curation. While Valve literally allows just about anything to be published on Steam (which has led to some hugely objectionable content put on the storefront, only taken down after public outcry), the Epic Game Store is currently […]