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Your frame rate determines how fast your gun fires in Fortnite and PUBG

Yes, we all know that it’s better to play games at higher frame rates, since they give us more responsive controls and better reaction windows. But players have discovered that the benefits to playing Fortnite and PUBG at higher fps counts go much further than that – better performance means you can get bullets out faster than your opponents. Players […]

WoW Wednesday: What’s New in Season 2?

The Tides of Vengeance have risen again for Azeroth, and the Alliance has begun its movements upon Dazar’alor, capitol of the Zandalari Empire. The arenas have been emptied and its champions awarded with the spoils of war. Season 2 for Battle for Azeroth has officially begun! This week we’ll be diving into everything that’s new with the release of Season 2.   […]

Cyberpunk 2077’s Creative Director Joins Blizzard

It hasn’t been that long since Cyberpunk 2077 wowed media at E3 with its slick style and free-flow design, and an even shorter time since they did so publicly. The game has been kind of quiet since then as Polish developers CD Projekt Red has been working on the ambitious title, though now it seems to be without their original […]

More Overwatch Lunar New Year Skins Revealed Ahead of Event’s Launch

Some of the biggest draws for any Overwatch seasonal event are the exclusive skins you can get. These skins are only available during the duration of the event and tend to be some of the most elaborate looks in the game. The Lunar New Year event, which celebrates the Chinese holiday of the same name, is no different. We had already gotten […]

Hidetaka Miyazaki On Receiving A Lifetime Achievement Award

Last year, From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki won a Lifetime Achievement award at the Golden Joysticks. With him having recently received the award when we sat down to talk to him about From Software and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, we decided to ask him what he thinks are keys to living a life worthy of such an award. His answer […]

Don’t Starve Together Devs Reveal DLC Plans for 2019

Don’t Starve Together developer Klei laid out its DLC plans for the upcoming year in a blog post yesterday, highlighting character refreshes, seasonal events, and new biomes coming to its Tim Burton-esque roguelike.  Klei will roll out four new characters with unique abilities beginning mid-March for $6.99 USD (price not final), with a new character releasing every other month. The […]

Farming Simulator League is a real esports venture with a €250k prize pool

League of Legends. Dota 2. CS:GO. And now, Farming Simulator. Yes, a game devoted to simulating agriculture now joins the ranks of competitive gaming, as developer Giants Software has announced a new esports push. Farming Simulator League kicks off this year, with 10 tournament events that will culminate in 2020 – and a total prize pool of €250,000. While the […]