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Anthem has made over $100 million in digital revenue since launch

Information released by SuperData Research has revealed that BioWare’s Anthem made over $100 million in digital revenue at launch. The loot shooter is Bioware’s second bestselling launch behind Mass Effect 3. According to the report, Anthem was the top-selling title by physical units in February and achieved an “above-average” download rate. In the top grossing titles for 2019 so far, […]

Control Might Launch On August 27, Based On Microsoft Store Listing

Remedy’s Control currently does not have a release date right now, beyond the release window of “Summer”; however, it seems like the Microsoft Store may just have leaked the final launch day for the time-bending action game ahead of time. On the Microsoft Store, Control was listed for an August 27 release date. This seems to be a likely leak for a […]

Days Gone Trophy List Makes Its Platinum Seems Doable

Like clockwork, Reddit user, DeftonesBandPSN has revealed the trophy list for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Days Gone. (It’s recently gone gold!) That Reddit user has been quite reputable in the past, so we have no reason to doubt them this time. The list includes 46 total trophies, with 28 Bronze, 15 Silver, 2 Gold, and a fat Platinum available. From […]

Life Is Strange 2 Episodes 3-5 Release Dates Go From May To December

Life is Strange 2 has already had a slower-than-expected release schedule with its first two episodes so far. The first episode launched back in September last year, but Episode 2 didn’t release until January this year, marking a four month wait between the two. That four month wait will be standard going forward. Today, Dontnod laid out the release schedule for the […]

Tetris Effect’s Cut Modes Included A Rock Band-Style Puzzler

During the Game Developer’s Conference panel for Tetris Effect, the psychedelic and absorbing version of Tetris released for PlayStation 4 last year, Enhance Games producer Mark MacDonald went into a little detail about the game’s cutting room floor. While the game boasts a number of modes for different takes on the Tetris formula without compromising the Tetris formula, there were […]

Apex Legends achieves the best launch month in free-to-play history

Apex Legends has taken the market by storm and set a record for the best launch month of any free-to-play title. Respawn’s battle royale was an instant hit with the community, generating an estimated $92 million from in-game spending in February. That’s according to SuperData Research. Of the top grossing gaming titles, Apex Legends landed in sixth on PC (based on […]

Death Stranding’s Norman Reedus and Hideo Kojima Will Be at a Film Festival

Those who are looking to learning more about Death Stranding will soon be in for a treat. At the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2019, Hideo Kojima will be joined on a panel by star Norman Reedus. Set to moderate the discussion with Kojima and Reedus is Geoff Keighley. Tickets will go on sale for the event on March 26th. […]

Google Executive Confirms That Google-Developed Games Will be Exclusive To Stadia

Just in case there was any doubt about it, Google’s own games will be exclusive to the Stadia, the new streaming-only platform Google announced earlier this week. This means that if you were hoping for a version of Google’s games, such as those built by Google’s first party studio headed by Jade Raymond, to be available on PCs or consoles […]

Over 14,000 ships flew to battle in EVE: Aether Wars this Monday

EVE: Aether Wars has shown the true power of its engine, with a 14,000 ship battle that was live-streamed at GDC 2019. The battle, which lasted an hour, was shown on the first morning of the conference and saw some 3,852 players (yes, you read that right) join a veritable armada of over 10,000 AI ships. Over the course of […]