Operation: Conscious Interruption Kicks Off 15 Years of EVE Online

The seminal sandbox MMO is going to mark its latest anniversary with a bit of PvE. Today marks the beginning of the EVE Online 15th anniversary celebrations and players can commemorate the occasion with Operation: Conscious Interruption, a PvE scuffle against the Drfiters for a unique reward.

eve online 15th anniversary

In Operation: Conscious Interruption, players will need to defend the facilities owned by the Society of Conscious Thought and make strikes against Drifter bases. Doing so will reward a unique 15th anniversary ship SKIN. This mission, like other PvE encounters, is accessed via The Agency.

Of course, an occasion like 15 years of EVE Online isn’t going to just be celebrated with a PvE mission. The devs will also be handing out ships and anniversary SKINs depending on an account’s activity and Clone State.

Omega Clones who have been active for the 30 days prior to the 15th anniversary will receive a free Praxis battleship. Players who have been active in the 30 days prior and have had Omega status at one point during that time will get a Sunesis destroyer and Gnosis battlecruiser, while every account active in the same 30-day period gets a 15th anniversary capsule SKIN and an Apotheosis shuttle.

EVE Online avatars will also get to dress themselves up for the game’s anniversary with an anniversary-branded shirt and hat for their in-game characters. This freebie is offered to every active Clone in the same 30-day time frame.

Operation: Conscious Interruption kicks off today, May 2nd, while the anniversary goodies will be dished out to players on Monday, May 7th.

Our Thoughts

Happy birthday, Capsuleers! We would say we’re surprised by EVE Online’s 15-year run, but considering how impactful this sandbox MMO has been on the wider gaming world, we’re genuinely not the least bit surprised.

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