Old School RuneScape Mobile’s Beta Begins on iOS

The entire realm of Gielinor has been stuffed into a cellphone and is now open to invited players on Apple devices. Today marks the beginning of the Old School RuneScape Mobile beta test, with over 5,000 players getting their tickets punched for the mobile edition of the sandbox MMORPG.

old school runescape mobile beta test

By the time you’re reading this, invitations should be sent out to those who have been included in the iOS-specific test. According to a tweet from the devs, the installation link for the test build might be sent to an email that’s different to the one linked to your RuneScape account or the email an invitation was sent to.

The iOS beta test for OSRS Mobile will run for six days and is looking for feedback to be posted to the relevant forum. Testers are asked to bear in mind a list of known issues in any reports they provide and should also expect surveys to be sent over the week, with development reports and further information about later tests issued ASAP. The devs will also be scouring Twitter and Reddit, asking players who prefer those avenues of media to use the #OSRSMobile hashtag on Twitter and the “iOS Beta” subject on Reddit.

Our Thoughts

We do hope that those who have been invited take the testing as a serious round of tests and not a sneak peek at what’s coming soon. It sounds like the devs are keen on getting honest feedback and we’re looking forward to seeing how they develop OSRS Mobile going forward.

Sources: official site, Twitter

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