Day: April 10, 2018

Red Dead Redemption looks insane using Xbox One’s enhanced backwards compatibility – here’s a bunch of screenshots

Red Dead Redemption is now available as a fully-fledged, enhanced backwards compatible title on the Xbox One – and it’s a pretty big upgrade. Microsoft just pushed the official ‘enhanced’ backwards compatible version of the game. When running on Xbox One X it looks absolutely ludicrous, outputting at a native 4K with a pretty steady frame rate and far crisper […]

PS Vita Firmware Update 3.68 Now Available to Download

No, you read that right, I am in fact talking about the PlayStation Vita, Sony’s much maligned second handheld that released with a thud and went out with a whimper, officially having been designated a “legacy” system all the way back in 2015, in the headline. It seems like, unexpectedly so, Sony has released a new firmware update for the little […]

New Gameplay Today – Overwatch’s Retribution Mode

Overwatch’s new 4-player co-op experience goes live today and runs until April 30. Players can take to the streets and canals of Venice as the Blackwatch crew (Reaper, Moira, McCree, and Genji) to dispense some justice under the cover of darkness. The mission can be played in 4 different difficulties and there are a ton of new items to unpack […]