Houses of Morrowind expansion for Elder Scrolls: Legends is out now

Update, April 8: The Elder Scrolls: Legends Houses of Morrowind expansion is out now, and there’s a brand new launch trailer out to celebrate.

The trailer doesn’t really provide any new information about the game, but instead puts some Elder Scrolls creatures into familiar locations. There’s a guar down by the docks! Mudcrabs in the subway! There’s also the reference to Houses of Morrowind’s new three-attribute decks, which will make for interesting new possibilities in the online CCG.

If you want to get going with the Houses of Morrowind cards right away, you can pick up a starter pack in the in-game store for £3.99.

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elder scrolls legends houses of morrowind

Original story, March 16: Morrowind is cool. Not just the third Elder Scrolls game – though it’s a classic – but rather the setting itself.

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