Day: March 27, 2018

Check Out This Youtube Series Touring Real Life Locations In The Yakuza Series

Yakuza takes place in a fictionalized version of Tokyo, but it’s heavily based on real-life locations. This series from Youtuber TheElecPlay92 shows off those real-world locations and compares them to their Yakuza counterparts. The series, titled the Yakuza Location Tour, was filmed in 2016 and compares the game’s famous and fictional Kamurocho district with the actual Kabukicho district. Kamurocho has been […]

KFC emote leads to another Twitch chat racism mess

Last weekend Twitch added a new KFC-themed emoticon to their stream chat – but it didn’t last long. After a few days it became clear the emote was untenable, and it was quickly removed from the service once again. The fully-branded, pixelated bucket of the Colonel’s Original Recipe was originally added to the service to celebrate a special PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds […]

Far Cry 5: how to get the secret alternate ending

Like Far Cry 4 before it, you can complete Far Cry 5 in just 10 minutes. Not that we suggest such a thing, especially after dropping $60 on Far Cry 5, depending upon the edition purchased. What follows contains spoilers. If you don’t want to see them, click away now. How to get the alternate ending All you need to […]

Far Cry 5 perks: every skill revealed and how to earn Perk Points

Far Cry 5 continues the series’s rich tradition of taking a bunch of genres and blending them up into an delicious sauce of mechanics and systems with its returning perks tree. Far Cry 5 perks let you grow your rookie cop into bona fide killer of cultists. There are five distinct trees to grind through: Survivalist, Renegade, Assassin, Prepper, and […]