Untitled Goose Game lets you be the terrible person you know you are deep down

Untitled Goose Game encourages you to be a dick. That you are also a goose is secondary – this is a project entirely concerned with wanton misbehaviour. As the titular waterfowl, your sole objective is to frustrate and terrorise a remarkably patient gardener. Your victim is no Mr McGregor, though, and will never threaten your life, don’t worry. You will likely threaten his sanity, however.

Untitled Goose Game

House House’s game is a freeform stealth effort in which you tick off a list of irritations for no other reason than you are a goose and cannot be blamed for such behaviour. We have been keeping an eye on the project since its announcement at the end of 2017, but GDC provided the perfect opportunity to pick up a controller and have a peck, at long last.

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