Vermintide 2 set for Steam Workshop support in April

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is out, and it’s already been a successful week for developers Fatshark, with 500,000 copies already sold. But releasing games in 2018 means that work doesn’t stop once a game is out, and Fatshark have already detailed some of what’s coming in the near future, including difficulty tweaks and more robust mod support.

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vermintide 2 mods steam workshop

Fatshark intend to smooth over some of Vermintide 2’s difficulty spikes, and have already deployed some tweaks in early patches to make things easier on lower difficulty levels, CEO Martin Wahlund tells PC Gamer. “Watching streams of new players playing the game has been a very helpful tool for us to understand what has been the largest obstacles for new players.”

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