Devil May Cry PC Free On Twitch Prime

Capcom and Twitch announced last month that Amazon Prime accounts attached Twitch would get Devil May Cry free at the end of February. For whatever reason, that release was delayed, but has gone live now.

The release is one-third of the upcoming Devil May Cry HD Collection, a remaster of a previous remaster containing the first, second, and third Devil May Cry games. The first game, directed by Bayonetta and Resident Evil 2 director Hideki Kamiya, is the game being given away here.

Devil May Cry was created when a glitch in Resident Evil 4’s firing physics resulted in juggling enemies in the air, prompting Kamiya and Resident Evil 4 director Shinji Mikami to spin the glitch off as the basis of DMC’s iconic bullet juggling. Director Hideaki Itsuno took over the series with Devil May Cry 2 midway through the project, and from scratch on the third game.

The full DMC HD Collection will release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on March 13.